Attracting top talent starts with your Job description

If you’re only looking for top-tier talent, writing a focused job posting will filter out most of the unsuitable applicants.

1. Write an Informative Job Title
The job title is the very first thing a job seeker sees.
Aim for 25–50 characters in length – this is the sweet spot. It’s long enough to be descriptive but short enough to be read at a glance.

Key components
● Position: Captain, Stewardess
● Type: M/Y, S/Y, Private, Charter,
● Yacht Size: 50mt
● Duration: Permanent, Seasonal

2. Describe the Position’s Minimum Requirements
The minimum requirements/qualifications need to be clearly defined. Beyond the obvious qualifications, most yachts have additional requirements. These are often subtle but need to appear at the beginning of the job posting.

Avoid ambiguity. Clearly state the specified level, and explain that it is a strict requirement.

3. Selling your position to the right candidates
Remember you’re writing an advertisement, not a description. To attract the right candidate, the ad should convey some sense of your yacht’s culture and plans . The following is a list of points that could be included:

● Specific Captain or Owner requirements
● Yachts rough Itinerary
● MLC compliance
● Size of yacht
● Number of crew
● Cabin arrangements
● (For engineers) Engine/Gen Make,Type and Year
● (For chefs) Specific cooking styles

Mediocre or generic job descriptions won’t lure top talent away from their current positions. You have to introduce a dash of color and excitement to your copy and link it seamlessly to solid details about the job on offer.

4. It’s all in the formatting
An effective job advertisement is brief, clear and to the point. What’s more, it should be easy to read, no matter where it’s published. Many of your prospective candidates will be job seeking on their smartphones and tablets, so make sure your formatting works across all devices.

5. Keep out of the SPAM box
Remember that in many cases candidates will receive your job posting as an emailed. To avoid ending up in the SPAM box, take note of the following:

●­ Don’t use ALL CAPITAL letters – it looks like you’re yelling at the job seekers.
●­ Avoid the use of symbols purely as a means of grabbing people’s *!$%ing attention without substance!
●­ Don’t – and I do mean don’t – repeat words in the title.