New certification route for yacht engineers

The MCA has issued a new MIN (MIN 524) this relates to the training and certification for “Engineer Officer, Small Vessel Certificate of Competence”

limitation: Engineer Officer of the Watch less than 9000 kW, less than 3000 GT, unlimited area, limited to Fishing Vessels, Yachts, Tugs, Workboats, Standby, Seismic Survey, Oceanographic Research Vessels and Government Patrol Vessels, STCW Convention regulation III/1

This change moves away from type specific CoC’s and recognising tonnage and KW as the primary governors. The syllabi and exams are aimed to be relevant and interchangeable across the different working sectors, so that engineers can get a better education that leads to transferability and recognition throughout different sectors, as well as a more structured training and certification system.

It is also hoped that this type of flexible CoC will bring new blood into the yachting industry and help with the shortage of engineers that is so often cited in this industry.