Port State Control – Guidance and Concentrated Inspection Regions

ABS Has produced guidance notes to help reduced port state control detentions.

ABS Guidance for Reducing Port State Control Detentions
These notes provides Shipowners and ship crews with the latest updated information for maintaining compliance with current Port State control regimes in a mobile-friendly and interactive format.
The guide is intended to be used with normal pre-port arrival and departure checks required by international regulations, as well as in conjunction with onboard routine maintenance programs. The items in this guide have been identified as top PSC detention items on data gathered by ABS-classed vessels.

Three Port State Control regions will run a Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC). These will run for a period of three months, commencing from 1 September 2016 and ending 30 November 2016.

The regions holding these inspections
Mediterranean – Paris MoU – Will be focusing on the Maritime Labour Convention, (MLC,2006), The ship’s procedures and measures that are in place with respect to MLC,2006 will be checked in detail for compliance with the requirements during a regular Port State Control inspection.

Caribbean – Caribbean MoU – Will be focusing on Crew Familiarization for Enclosed Space Entry, ensure that there is compliance with the requirements of the SOLAS, STCW, MLC and ILO Conventions as applicable.

Riyadh – Riyadh MOU – will be focusing on pilot transfer arrangements. The purpose of the campaign is to ensure that ships comply with the requirements for pilot transfer arrangements detailed in the Annex to IMO Resolution A.1045(27); for example, the condition of the ladder and ropes and the familiarity of the ship’s master and crew with pilot transfer arrangements.

The Paris MOU Report
The Paris MOU have recently published their annual report on the outcome of Port State Control inspections. Detention rates have remained stable but of concern is that the report has highlighted the top categories of deficiencies and the top deficiences as fire safety and safety of navigation. Both of these are areas this company provides a solution for in respect to on board fire training as well as professional navigation management with the provision of navigation related stores.
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