Beware Of The Drones

Earlier this year a vessel was detained after flying a drone from the deck. As a result the Gard P&I Club issued the following alert.

“A vessel entered with Gard was recently detained following the launch of a drone to photograph the vessel proceeding through the Suez Canal.
Shortly after the drone had been launched from a vessel transiting the Suez Canal, the Master was requested by the Canal Authorities (SCA) to drop anchor. During the SCA’s subsequent inspection, they confiscated the drone and its memory card and the vessel was detained in anticipation of further investigations by the Egyptian authorities.” Read more at the Gard website.

Additional sources of information:
US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA): Know before you fly
UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA): Safety Guide
Transport Canada (TC): Do’s and Don’ts for flying your drone safely and legally.