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Tips and Tricks on how to write a superyacht crew CV. Also feel free to download and use the CV templates at the bottom of the artical.

Note: We use the term CV throughout to refer to what some people call a resume.

Tip 1, Not only must you be the best candidate for the position, but your CV must advertise this fact to the captain.

Looking at hiring from the captain’s point of view.

Yachting has one of the highest rates of personnel turnover of any industry. This means that captains have to look at a lot of CVs. So your objective is to make your CV stand out on the captain’s very crowded desktop.
Captain’s want crew who are not only competent and well-presented, but who also “shine” – crew that have something special. Your CV needs to shine for you.

Here’s what a couple of captains had to say about CVs.
“I thin out the number of CVs by scanning the first pages and binning the ones I don’t like the look of.”

“If I have a bunch of CVs all with equal qualifications. The first ones to go are the ones without a photo.”

What should a CV do?

A good CV should convey the type of person you are and sell your abilities and your personality to a potential employer. It is not just a list of qualifications and life experiences presented in chronological order.

To achieve this you must stop thinking of your CV as a textbook and start thinking of it as a broachure.

Your CV must:
• State points that are relevant to the position you are applying for.
• Present these relevant points in a way that grabs the employer’s attention and highlights your personal style.

Tip 2, Formating: Place important content in a prominent location.

The format of your CV is incredibly important because before the captain even reads your name at the top of the first page he has already made assumptions about the type of candidate you are, simply by noticing how you have presented the information on the page.

The psychology of layout
How to grab the readers attention and ensure you key content is seen and read.

• Before people start to read a page, they scan it.
• People scan pages diagonally not linearly.
You have between 3–6 seconds to give the reader their “First Impression” of you.
• A person reading a list of bullet points will stop reading by point three if you haven’t grabbed their attention.

Ways of grabbing your reader’s attention.

• Include images.
• Change font, font size or colour.
• Making text bold or underlined.
• Use background shading.
• Change the page format.

Some rules about text.

• Do not use more than two fonts.
• Do not keep on changing font size.
• Do not use more than two colours.

Tip 3, Content is king. Make sure your Content is spell checked and proof read.

General Rules

• Always use MS Word or similar editing software.
• Always use a spell checker.
• Always be accurate.
• Always be concise.

How many pages should your CV be?

“Your CV should not be more than two pages”. Now, there are some exceptions. Chefs should include  example menus. Covering letters are not part of the CV but a seperate document.

What should and should not be in a yachting CV.

Primary YES points:

• Your name,
• A photo (more about this later)
• Nationality,
• Visa’s Green Card (current),
• Smoking habits,
• Current phone number,
• E-mail address,
• Relevant yachting qualifications,
• Sea mileage or days at sea,
• Positions held, writen in reverse order, stating dates, name of vessel and position, with a critique of the boat’s travels and working life.
• Profile (more about this later)
• References with current contact details.

Additional YES points

• Objective (more about this later)
• Additional qualifications, e.g. full driving license, helicopter license or Degree in Marine Law.
• Additional relevant work, e.g. 3 years in the British Navy, worked for 2 years as a rigger or worked at the Ivy Restaurant in London as a silver service waiter.
• Present Location (not necessarily full address),
• Hobbies. Keep the list short, sweet and honest.

What should not be in a Yachting CV?

Well this should be self-explanatory – basically, everything that is not in the lists above, including:

• The words “Curriculum Vitae” at the top of the page.
• Your normal residential address.
• Irrelevant land-based jobs.
• Your general education. Note: Although this is a key point in normal land-based CVs, it is a waste of prime space in a yachting CV. However, if you have achieved a high level of education you may want to include this in your “Profile” section. Some captains and owners like to show off how intelligent and qualified their crew are.

How do I write a profile for my CV?

When writing any profile for your CV, you need to present your information in a direct and concise way – do not waffle. Start by writing down a list of points that need to be in the profile, for example.

Profile list
• Experience
• Work well in a team
• I like a job done well
• Efficient
• Keen on sailing
• Good personal skills
• Good at handling stress
• Sense of humour

Important points
• You are trying to sell yourself – do not write about what you hope to see or do, rather focus on what you have to offer.
• Be honest.
• Be direct – do not overemphasize or exaggerate.
• Keep your profile short – no more than 6 lines.

Key Point: You are trying to sell yourself – do not write about what you hope to see or do, rather focus on what you have to offer.

“I have been keen on sailing ever since I was a child. Over the last three years, whilst working on various yachts, I have learnt to be a team player. I am an efficient worker who likes to see a job done well. I get on well with people, and I handle stressful situations with a calm, positive, attitude.”

You should adopt the same approach when writing about your objective, but obviously you are writing to achieve a different result.

Objective list
• Further my career
• Running a large classic yacht

Important points
• An objective should be a concise sentence of one or two lines.
• The sentence can be separate or you can make it the last sentence in your profile
• Your objective should be realistic – something you can achieve in the next few years. For example, if you are just starting out, a good objective would be to complete the STCW course.
• Make the objective something that would also benefit the yacht, such as obtaining qualifications or learning new skills.

“My long-term objective is to advance my career towards running a large classic yacht.

Of course, you would not write this if you were applying for a job on a 23 metre plastic motor yacht.
All paragraphs written in your CV should be approached in this way.
Another way of presenting information is as a series of bullet points – useful for lists of qualifications, responsibilities, etc.

Tip 4, A covering letter won’t do you any harm and may do you a lot of good.

Some captains consider covering letters to be extremely important, others never read them. In my opinion, a well written covering letter will never do you any harm and may do you a lot of good, so always write one – but make sure you do it well.

Use your covering letter to explain why you are the perfect applicant for the job. Be positive and confident but without sounding big headed. You want to come across as a pleasant person to be around. Remember no one wants to be stuck on a boat all season with a grumpy deckhand or stewardess.

Dear Jonathan
I am a deckhand with three years’ experience on vessels ranging from 30 to 75 metres. I am now looking to move up the ranks to become bosun on similar sized vessels.
I left my last vessel (vessel name) in Antibes, where I am presently studying for my OOW ticket with Blue Water. The course finishes on 12 September and I shall be available for work from 15 September.
My strengths include an ability to work well under pressure and to make guests feel comfortable. In addition, I have extensive knowledge of the Algrip paint system, thanks to two years working in a shipyard.
I am a good sailor and have an understanding of both general navigation and tender driving, having passed my RYA powerboat level two.
Yours sincerely
John Allan

Tip 5: A good photograph is vital. However, it is better to have no photo rather than a bad one.

A good photograph is an essential part of your CV. The old saying that an image is worth a thousand words is very true. But remember, it must be a good photograph. A bad photo will reflect very badly on you, and could easily lose you the job.

Main points

• A current black and white or colour head shot of good quality and size.
• Look smart – wear a nice shirt or the uniform from the boat you are presently on.
• Be conservative in your appearance – no outrageous hairstyles.
• Have a photograph especially taken – do not have other people, pets or anything else in the frame.
• The background of the photograph should be a nice neutral colour
• If you are physically attaching a photograph to your CV, make sure you write your name and phone number on the back of it.
• If you are attaching your photograph to your CV electronically, you will need to reduce the file size of the image to no more than 100kb (see link below for some free software that can do this for you).
• Most importantly, don’t forget to smile.

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Bringing you the latest news from Flag and Port State Regs. We are now tracking the latest updates from the MLC, IMO, and the larger Flag states so you don’t have to

MLC amendments Dec16 – From 18th January 2017, ships under MLC must display certificates issued by an insurer confirming that financial security is in place for liabilities in respect of crew repatriation and for compensation for death and disability.

2010 Manila Amendments to STCW Dec16 – Everyone should be aware of the requirements for STCW “Refresher” training came into effect as of the 1st January. Although the IMO has called for Port State Control authorities to “take a pragmatic and practical approach during inspections…” up to 1st July 2017, the MCA and the Cayman Islands do not intend to make any regulations to formally extend the transition period which expired on 31st December 2016. So it will be up to the PSC Inspector to decide whether or not to take action if a seafarer does not hold the required certificates. For those vessels having crew who are affected by this.
• Have a copy of the IMO circular on hand during a Port State Control inspection.
• Have on hand evidence that the required courses have been booked.
• Notify your DPA and your insurers that some crew do not have the required certificates.

The IMO circular can be downloaded here buy provigil online south africa
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Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks Nov16
From 20 February 2017, all Cayman Islands ships of 300 GT and above, as well as non-Cayman Islands ships visiting the Cayman Islands, must have wreck removal insurance in place. These ships must also hold a certificate issued by MACI attesting that the ship has wreck removal insurance. Further guidance is expected to follow.

Marshall Islands buy provigil bulletproof Use of new satellite mobile communications services – Any MI flagged vessels that intend to use any new satellite service must have their ship radio station licenses amended to authorize the use of the frequency ranges offered by that service. This includes VSAT (Ku, KA, C), Iridium, Thrurya, INMARSAT and additionally any satellite service that may become available in the near and far future under the GMDSS modernization plan.

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Imagine having your guest’s / owners identities stolen or laptops infected due to poor on-board digital security. Hacking is now big business. Over the last few years hackers have become ever more sophisticated resulting in bigger data breaches.

Hacking is now big business. Over the last few years hackers have become ever more sophisticated resulting in bigger data breaches.

  • 2013, Yahoo 1,000,000,000 user details stolen
  • 2014, JP Morgan Chase 76,000,000 user details stolen
  • 2016, Friend Finder 412,000,000 user details stolen
  • 2016, Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO), Sundar Pichai (Google CEO) and Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO) all had their personal accounts hacked.
  • With that in mind, you might want to think about how sensitive the data you hold on your network is and what would be the liability if your yachts network was compromised.
    IT security is a massive topic covering hardware, software and training. The following points are to make you think about your yachts network and crew and to make you start asking the right questions.

  1. Do you have IT Security as part of crew familiarization?
  2. Do you routinely change system passwords when a crew member leaves the yacht?
  3. Is Antivirus / firewall / systems updates Included in the yachts routine maintenance checklist?
  4. Do you have a procedure for when any of the computers on the yacht (Bridge, Crew or Guest) becomes compromised.
  5. Are your bridge computers, Crew WiFi and Guest WiFi all on a separately firewalled networks? If so great, what about the entertainment system?
  6. Do your crew stream / download movies from less than reputable websites. Are those same computers then plugged into the yachts network?
  7. Do you allow your crew to plug their phones into the bridge computers to charge them?
  8. Do you allow USB drives to be plugged into any computer on the yacht?
  9. Do you have offsite backup? What would happen if you were unable to access any of the data on your yachts network just before a port state control?
  10. VPN’s. Yachts are built, to high specifications and the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) installers do excellent work. What you may not know is that along with the engines, air conditioning or AV/IT equipment, OEMs may also be installing VPNs. These are effectively back-doors into your yachts network.
  11. Does any of your yacht’s systems get automatic firmware updates? If yes, what would happen if that system shut down when you were at sea or about to dock?

How Strong is your password
You may not be a network engineer but you can keep a strong password.
This website shows you how secure your password is and explains why.
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Two-Factor Authentication
Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security method that requires two different ways of proving your identity. Normally something you know, like your pin code and something you have like your phone or a bank card. Chances are you already do this for online banking. You should also add this to other accounts such as buy provigil online canada or buy generic provigil canada as well as buy provigil cheap

Useful Links
Free Malware Scanning Software
buy provigil cheap online
Remote Backup Solution
buy provigil over the counter
Get Safe Online (for personal and business advice):
buy provigil dubai
Cyber Essentials documents, a free download
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With thanks to
Akula yachts
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Earlier this year a vessel was detained after flying a drone from the deck. As a result the Gard P&I Club issued the following alert.

“A vessel entered with Gard was recently detained following the launch of a drone to photograph the vessel proceeding through the Suez Canal.
Shortly after the drone had been launched from a vessel transiting the Suez Canal, the Master was requested by the Canal Authorities (SCA) to drop anchor. During the SCA’s subsequent inspection, they confiscated the drone and its memory card and the vessel was detained in anticipation of further investigations by the Egyptian authorities.” buy provigil from uk

Additional sources of information:
US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA): buy provigil fast
UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA): buy provigil online from canada
Transport Canada (TC): buy provigil france

where can i buy provigil forum

Pinpoint Works provides an alternative solution to outdated Excel spreadsheets and back-and-forth emails. Using web and mobile apps, Pinpoint Works turns your General Arrangement (GA) into a live, interactive worklist. Current clients have been using it successfully for new builds, warranty periods, paint surveys, refits and general day-to-day maintenance.

The system works with both a web and mobile app and turns your GA into a live, interactive worklist.
Log items location on-the-go while adding
– Descriptions
– Photos
– Videos,
Share only the relevant information with other users by setting their permission levels and inviting them to your site. Track your worklists in real-time, reducing confusion and increasing accountability. Communicate with crew, management and contractors to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Log, Share, Track and Communicate all in one location.

w: buy cheap generic provigil
m: +44 (0)7980 164 643

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ABS Has produced guidance notes to help reduced port state control detentions.

buy provigil in australia
These notes provides Shipowners and ship crews with the latest updated information for maintaining compliance with current Port State control regimes in a mobile-friendly and interactive format.
The guide is intended to be used with normal pre-port arrival and departure checks required by international regulations, as well as in conjunction with onboard routine maintenance programs. The items in this guide have been identified as top PSC detention items on data gathered by ABS-classed vessels.

Three Port State Control regions will run a Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC). These will run for a period of three months, commencing from 1 September 2016 and ending 30 November 2016.

The regions holding these inspections
Mediterranean – buy provigil in mexico – Will be focusing on the Maritime Labour Convention, (MLC,2006), The ship’s procedures and measures that are in place with respect to MLC,2006 will be checked in detail for compliance with the requirements during a regular Port State Control inspection.

Caribbean – buy provigil in uk – Will be focusing on Crew Familiarization for Enclosed Space Entry, ensure that there is compliance with the requirements of the SOLAS, STCW, MLC and ILO Conventions as applicable.

Riyadh – buy provigil in usa – will be focusing on pilot transfer arrangements. The purpose of the campaign is to ensure that ships comply with the requirements for pilot transfer arrangements detailed in the Annex to IMO Resolution A.1045(27); for example, the condition of the ladder and ropes and the familiarity of the ship’s master and crew with pilot transfer arrangements.

The Paris MOU Report
The Paris MOU have recently published their annual report on the outcome of Port State Control inspections. Detention rates have remained stable but of concern is that the report has highlighted the top categories of deficiencies and the top deficiences as fire safety and safety of navigation. Both of these are areas this company provides a solution for in respect to on board fire training as well as professional navigation management with the provision of navigation related stores.
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The MCA has issued a new MIN (where to buy provigil in singapore) this relates to the training and certification for “Engineer Officer, Small Vessel Certificate of Competence”

limitation: Engineer Officer of the Watch less than 9000 kW, less than 3000 GT, unlimited area, limited to Fishing Vessels, Yachts, Tugs, Workboats, Standby, Seismic Survey, Oceanographic Research Vessels and Government Patrol Vessels, STCW Convention regulation III/1

This change moves away from type specific CoC’s and recognising tonnage and KW as the primary governors. The syllabi and exams are aimed to be relevant and interchangeable across the different working sectors, so that engineers can get a better education that leads to transferability and recognition throughout different sectors, as well as a more structured training and certification system.

It is also hoped that this type of flexible CoC will bring new blood into the yachting industry and help with the shortage of engineers that is so often cited in this industry.

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In recent years social media has become an increasingly popular tool for hiring crew. Platforms like Facebook have given captains easy access to a vast audience of potential candidates on what can only be described as the world’s largest jobs board. This in turn has made in-house recruiting more appealing and much more effective.

In-house recruiting has a number of obvious benefits.

No Recruiting Fees
One of the biggest arguments in favour of in-house recruiting is that it enables you to avoid the cost of recruiting fees. A large yacht may have a recruitment budget of 50–60k per annum, the majority of which generally goes on agency fees. For some yachts in-house recruiting is the only option as their owners flatly refuse to pay agency fees all together.

You know what you are looking for!
Putting a strong crew together is not only about candidates’ skills, it’s also about their strengths. Conveying this to an agent can be difficult. They’ll often send you someone who’s perfect on paper but falls short when it comes to getting along with the rest of the crew and fitting in with your yacht culture.

Speed and Simplicity
Post a job offer on facebook and you will get an immediate response and in some cases far more of a response that you bargained for. In effect you are simply broadcasting your requirements to the World with no ability to filter out unsuitable applicants. Additionally because you’re looking at the candidates cold, you have to invest an awful lot of time carefully checking each one to make sure the perfect candidate doesn’t slip through the net.

However using agents does have some major upsides

Time Saving
Using a quality agent to source your candidates can save you loads of time. Even after filtering the wheat from the chaff and narrowing down the applicants for interview, there is still a large amount of admin work related to ensuring that copies of all the required documents are present and up to date, including validation of any CoC.

Stealthy Recruiting
In certain cases you may have good reason for not wanting to broadcast all or any of the information related to the position on offer. This could be because the position is currently filled, or because of its sensitive nature – quite common with captain’s jobs for example. When you need to recruit on the QT, having a large database of potential candidates is the most effective way to source applicants.

Rotten Apples
A large part of what makes a yachtie is attitude. Having a crew member on board with the wrong attitude can be disastrous. Quality of service varies from agency to agency, so make sure you pick a reputable one if you want to avoid ending up with a bad apple.

A Third Option
There are now a number of online solutions that enable you to source crew at a fraction of the cost of going through an agency. They come with the same tools and filters for selecting potential applicants, and the same terms of confidentiality. The better versions of these online portals also incorporate feedback from previous employers, further reducing the chances of picking that rotten apple.

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“Hire slow and fire fast” is generally a good mantra when managing crew. But sometimes you simply don’t have that choice. Where loss of crew is due to injury or incompatibility, for example, you’re forced to recruit mid-season, you may have no choice but to hire fast to fill that gaping hole as soon as possible.

The following tips will keep you focused and help you find your new crew member quickly.

1. Clearly define the job requirements and the time frame. The new crew member will need to hit the ground running—they’ll need to understand the position they’re stepping into. Setting out these requirements should be done in two steps. Firstly the general description to give to the crew agents/ Jobs Board. Secondly the nitty gritty detail which should be saved for the interview.

2. Use existing relationships to find crew: Your contacts are a treasure trove of potential crew. Keep a record of former crew members, of promising applicants you didn’t hired (or who didn’t take the job), and of people you meet in the industry. When you need to fill a position fast, scrolling back through contacts whose credentials you’re already familiar with is a lot quicker and easier than hiring from scratch. And you never know—the one that got away may well be looking for a new opportunity at the very same moment.

3. Broaden your mindset: Don’t just look at applicants from a skills perspective, look at them in terms of their “strengths” as well. What I’m getting at is this: you are mid-season with a crew that’s already worked together for several months. It should now be possible for a less experienced member to be brought on-board and up to speed in a very short time—as long as that person has the right attitude.

4. Chose good recruiting tools that take the emphasis away from you doing the admin work, like making sure you have all the crew member’s documentation.

5. Build a standard recruiting process. When you’re hiring ad hoc, rather than building repeatable processes through quantitative insights and technology, you end up conducting your searches manually—a process that, as with any job functions, can feel a bit like throwing spaghetti at the wall.